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House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) says students should just get 3 jobs to pay for college instead of using Pell Grants
Tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations? That’s a-ok! Why are students complaining? Working 3 jobs to pay back student loans is the American dream.

I’m just bringing this back now that Paul Ryan has been picked as Mitt Romney’s VP choice. In a country where an incredible number of people are going bankrupt because they can’t pay back their student loans, the Republican ticket includes this guy. Students can’t afford a Romney/Ryan win.

Paul Ryan went to college on Social Security money!
From NPR Report of April 8th 2011:

^^^ YUP. Paul Ryan paid for college with social security benefits, but YOU should have to work three jobs to pay tuition.

(Source: theamericankid, via dirtylittlewishes)


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